Release v5.7.0

Luke A Hinds

Hello All,

I just cut release v5.7.0

Please note for this release onwards, we are now licensed under the Apache 2.0 from the previous BSD-Clause 2.
  • Remove unused config loading in registrar 610565d
  • Fix for registrar and verifier running on different hosts db53181
  • Incorrect text of verifier, should be agent 0b9fbb5
  • Move major service entry & cli into keylime/cmd 7a927a8
  • Perform clean up and archive old items b940b4a
  • Catch regex exception for invalid exclude list e4d49a9
  • Move db & tpm layers to separate directory c323ae5
  • Fixes requests to reactivate agent causes verifier exception 9451127
  • Agent can just "use" an already created EK 550f554
  • Switch popen.wait() for popen.communicate() 160ac2b

Best Regards